We’re getting closer!

The move is two weeks away…. Am I ready?  Not even close…. although the fabric and thread stashes are all packed other than a certain “Colorado themed” fabric that I plan to use to make pot holders and napkins for the new place:


My office is packed as well.  Well, mostly.  I keep finding yet another stash of Sharpies, various forms of Scotch tape, gel pens, glue sticks, paper clips, and last night I found a full can of temporary adhesive spray (I think this makes a total of 6 cans so far!)

I remember thinking 29+ years ago that I never wanted to move again, and I remember why, all this packing and purging is a daunting task!  I have become a 3D Tetris master, I got all of my sewing stuff packed into boxes and have stashed it all into a mostly empty room in the basement.  Here’s an in progress shot:

 2015-08-29 15.52.01

As soon as we found the house, I started collecting boxes.  Thank goodness for Craigslist and for my friends that own quilt shops!

2015-07-13 19.33.54 2015-07-19 09.53.38

We were originally supposed to move a week ago, but the prior owners have been renting from us until their new build is ready.  Jon went over there yesterday and learned all about the sprinkler system and assorted other maintenance stuff, and had a great time swapping stories with Bill, who is also a Navy veteran.

The other part of moving is getting the current place ready for sale.  It was built in 1985-86 and I’ve lived here since it was new, so obviously there are a few things to be done, like repair the deck (Jon got a “new to him” circular saw for his birthday):

craftsman saw

My next major task is to find a piano moving company…..

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