Entering a quilt show and laughing about it!

Every year in October our local guild hosts a quilt show. This is fun because it’s a lot more relaxed than the normal shows I enter. For those of you that are interested, here’s a link with more information, including a download for a coupon for $1 off admission:


I will have an entry this year, I will write a more detailed blog post about it in a day or two because it’s a very special quilt and not something that I have ever done before.

We have some really awesome ladies in the guild, and the ones that are organizing the show this year are at the top of the list. They are doing online entry which I absolutely love, and I thought that it was important to let them know how much I appreciated all the work that they have done to make this quilt show “the best little quilt show in Northern Colorado”. However, I did encounter a snag or two…. and it being Friday afternoon and me being a bit punchy after a stressful workweek, I ended up composing the following email.

Yeah, I know. Once the ball started rolling, I couldn’t stop. The entire situation is rather funny! So, I decided that I’d share the email…. enjoy!

********************* start of email *********************
Hi ladies,

I have attached a pic of the quilt that I just submitted for the show.

THANK YOU for coordinating this, and especially for the online entry process. It is MUCH easier for me, procrastinator extraordinaire, to sit down at my computer and paste in text that I have already typed before, and click a button rather than having to fight with “Her Royal Highness” (my printer who only sometimes deigns to wave a sheet of paper at me)…. and then assuming said paper actually has legible text on it, figure out what exactly I’m supposed to do with it, and when, and OMG now I am going to have to look up somebody’s phone# and house address because I waited too long to mail it…. The word counter function for the description box was especially helpful (I have never seen that in any other online entry submission that I’ve filled out) and I nailed it at exactly 150 words!

I am very experienced with this sort of thing (the entry process, and, well okay, I admit, procrastination as well), and I will tell you that there are quite a few regional and national shows that could learn a lot from you wonderful ladies!

Now, having said all that, I do have one teeeeeeny tiny suggestion…. When I submitted my entry I got the message “Don’t forget to send a picture of your quilt to Dawn Hunter!” But…. no email address was mentioned! Went back and checked the reminder email I received this afternoon (oh yeah, kudos for that as well or I would probably still be procrastinating!) ….. No mention of Dawn’s email address there either….

I am still assuming that emailing the picture is preferable to the alternate methods of (for example) smoke signals or (gasp!!) snail mail and hard copy, so I took it upon myself to try and remember the email address that Dawn recited to us ad nauseam at one of the guild meetings a few months back… I can hear her saying it, I vaguely remember it containing the word “hunter” and I think the first character was a “d”, but alas, that was many margaritas and glasses of wine ago so my poor brain has lost too many cells since the aforementioned meeting.

So I decided to actually see if my replacement brains* could come up with a suggestion for Dawn’s email address. Can you believe it? Six devices** and not one of them has an address book entry for the lovely Dawn Hunter? (Sorry Dawn!)

Last resort…. stored emails. I have a Longmont Quilt Guild folder in Bernadette’s email history (I am MUCH more organized electronically than in the physical realm)… Lo and behold, there is not one, not two, but a whole string of emails from Dawn from a year ago about canceling a LQG workshop exactly 1 year ago due to the floods. But…. Hold on, that email address doesn’t start with a “d” and it must be part of Panera or some other restaurant that has banned “hunter”(s) from entering their premises (at least until they disarm)!!!

So, ladies, you are getting an email copy of the photo because I can’t figure out where else to send it. I have put the email address that I do have for Dawn on cc:, fully expecting that it will bounce. I will attempt to dredge my sodden organic brain for memories of Dawn’s incantations at that dimly remembered guild meeting and put that on the cc: list too. Please forward the attached pic to her, and next year can you please put the email info someplace where people like me (that routinely misplace hardcopy Guild rosters) can easily find it? Thanks a bunch!! ***

And Dawn, if by any chance I was able to recall your long forgotten email address and you DO end up getting my picture after all, please please forgive me… you and I have known each other far too long for me to not have your contact information. I promise, if this does work, the very first thing I’m going to do is add your info to Bernadette’s address list, and the Elephant will also get a copy so that all the other brains except Sheldon can find it next time I need it. (All the other brains will then break out in the Hallelujah Chorus because they will know something that Sheldon has no clue about.)

OOPS. Sorry Dawn, that will be the second thing I do. Jon just got home and he has replenished our supply of cabernet….

And if all else fails, I will just post the pic to Dawn’s Facebook page.

Thanks again!! — Lori

* I have many spare brains, one is a smartphone and two are tablets and one is a laptop…. and most important of all, the home server (I call him the Elephant because he is big, gray and never forgets anything) contains much of the information and images that my poor sodden brain cannot retain. After all, my quilting really is better if accomplished with a glass of cabernet!

** Yes there are six, not five. I didn’t count the desktop that controls my Statler machine because it’s not supposed to be on the Internet. EVER. It does get to talk to one of the tablets occasionally. But I don’t really count it as one of my regular brains because if it can’t communicate its knowledge, what good is it? By the way, it’s called Sheldon and the tablet it talks to is called Amy…. Bernadette is the laptop because she’s little and smart.

*** I realize that I am offering suggestions, and the obvious and sensible response to that is to encourage me to sign up to help out with a future show. I assure you that I totally agree, and I plan to do exactly that as soon as the time-and-a-half-or-more job that pays for my daughter’s college tuition (not to mention my fabric habit) morphs into something a little less stressful and all-consuming. I promise!

********************* (end of email) *********************

After all that, yes, I DID remember to attach the picture to the email. And the address that I guessed for Dawn was right. Bernadette and the Elelphant now have said address etched in electronic stone as of about five minutes ago, and before I have my glass of wine, I’m going to give all you good people a sneak peek of the quilt:


Apologies that this is not a great picture. This quilt does not belong to me; as soon as it was finished I put it up on my design wall (Dow Styrofoam insulation panel covered with flannel) and snapped a quick shot of it before delivering it to its owner. However, it WILL be at the show, hanging properly, with good lighting and I will get a much better shot then. You will enjoy it. I promise.

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