A word…

I’m friends with a lot of other quilt artists on Facebook. A lot of them are picking a word for this new year… a word to inspire them in their journeys as artists. I’ve read through a few of their blogs, and it got me thinking about what word I would choose.

I anticipate that 2014 is going to be a volatile year for me and my family. At the moment I have one child that is unemployed, one that is employed but recently parted ways with his girlfriend of several years, and a third that is about to graduate from high school and start finding her own way in life. I’m very proud of all three of them, they have grown into responsible, caring, wonderful people… as a result, when they go through struggles and the ups and downs of life, I feel at least a bit of the emotional upheavals with them. My husband is frustrated with his job, so there may be changes there as well…

As for me….. Many of you know of my long-time employment with a major international corporation. That situation has had its ups and downs for many years, and my fellow employees and I are very familiar with the feeling of not knowing from one week to the next whether we’ll have a job next month, or even next week. After years of this (and a lot of therapy!!), I’ve come to the point (I think) of just living one day at a time… I’ll do the best I can, TODAY, and not worry about tomorrow…. because with this company, even though I put forth my best efforts, every day, time and again, I know in the end it won’t be enough. I’ve watched too many other people (coworkers that I really admired and looked up to) get released just because they happened to have the wrong job at the wrong time in the wrong organization.

Some of you might ask why I don’t leave and go somewhere else. Well, for one thing, there are a lot of people out there that HAVE left (voluntarily or not) and not many of them have found jobs in this economy, at least not in similar fields with comparable pay. Also, a few years ago, I got put on a project that was the BEST project I’ve ever been involved with in this company. The team of people that we had was incredible…. everybody had a common goal, we all believed in what we were doing, we had incredible leadership within our little team, and it was FUN to log in to work every day. In spite of the overall uncertainties, I would not have given up that experience for a second. Everybody should have a chance to work in a team environment like we had. (Those of you on that team that are reading this, THANK YOU for all your hard work, dedication, teamwork, sense of humor, etc.! I consider you more than coworkers… I consider all of you as very good friends.)

In the middle of last year, there were budget constraints for our project, so I was reassigned to a different project. New opportunities, new frustrations, and a whole lot of new experiences. I’m not sure at this point how it’s all going to work out. For one thing, the company has some financial goals to be met by 2015. So, I’ve got to anticipate that 2014 will be the year that I get the phone call from my boss where he tells me that I’m on the list of people for the next cutback.

I’m back in the mode of just doing the best I can and taking one day at a time. At least, where my corporate career is concerned. Yes, I’m trying my best to keep that feeling that I had on the previous project. However, I do need to figure out what I’m going to do with myself if and when I do get that phone call.

Therefore, my word for 2014 is PLAN.

Plan for the day when I get the phone call. Will I be joyful? Relieved? Pissed off? (Probably a bit of all 3, especially #3.)

Plan for what I will do next. Will I try to find another position in the tech community? Or will I take the leap and start quilting full time?

Plan for the next quilting endeavor… The paisley quilt has been on the circuit for a year now. It still is traveling to various shows (Phoenix in early February so far), but I do need to get another one finished. I’m not as prolific as some artists because I do have the corporate job… if that goes away, how much time can I realistically spend on a competition quilt versus doing something else to earn a salary?

I do want to quilt full time as a business some day. It makes sense for me to keep the corporate job for as long as I can (golden handcuffs), but in the meantime I can PLAN for how I will make the transition.

I did take some time off over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays; not as much time as usual since I used an extra couple weeks of vacation to take the British Isles trip earlier in 2013. In November, I completed a small wall hanging using the same shadow trapunto technique that I had used for an earlier competition quilt. This one is called “Fiesta on a Cloud”.

Fiesta on a Cloud

The colored shapes are based on a block from a pattern called “Fiesta Talavera” by J. Michelle Watts.  The quilt is about 20″ square.

I also quilted a quilt for a friend on my Statler. I’ll show some pictures of this one in a future post.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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