My fifteen minutes

I finished a quilt, “A Pocket Full of Paisleys”, very early in January of this year.  This was my most ambitious effort to date.  I started with an idea back in the summer of 2010, and ended up with something that was quite a bit different from my earliest vision.  And, had I known that it would take more than two years to complete, I don’t know if I would have started it…  but there you go.

I entered the paisley quilt in Road to California, which meant I had to have it somewhat completed by the October 1 deadline in order to send in photographs with my entry.  It also was photographed for a spread in Quilter’s Newsletter, even though it wasn’t technically finished.  I spent the months of November and December quilting every waking moment, and I swear I probably spent a lot of sleep hours quilting too.  After the quilting was done, I applied several thousand hot fix crystals to the quilt….. and burned my fingers plenty of times in the process.

All the work was worth it, the quilt went to Road to California in January and won the award for computerized embroidery.  I sent it to several other shows this year, where it’s done pretty well; it’s paid for itself and all the shipping and entry fees, and has contributed to the payments on my Bernina 830 LE.

Just after the Road to California show, I was contacted by Kit Robinson from Meander Publishing, she wanted to know if the paisley quilt had been published anywhere.  I explained to her that it was included in an article in an issue of Quilter’s Newsletter that was coming out later in 2013.  She then said that they wanted to feature something that hadn’t been published before.  Oh, well.

Well, after a couple of weeks, Kit contacted me again, and said she couldn’t stop thinking about the paisley quilt.  She asked me to verify that it would not be on the cover of QNM, and then she sent me a contract and other information about what they needed for the article.  The article was due in July, and the plan was to have it published in the November 2013 issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited.  Great plan, I’m thinking….  I plan to enter the quilt in Houston, which is at the end of October which is just when the magazine will come out!

In spite of being out of the country for a couple of weeks in June, I did get the article done and in on time.  However, Kit contacted me in late August and asked for some photos of the process of making the quilt.  I had these in spades, I probably had taken several hundred photos while I was stitching out the embroidery pieces alone!  So, I gave her all of that, more photos and more words.  At this point I’m thanking Phyllis Miller, my high school English teacher, who helped me become very comfortable with writing!

A couple of weeks ago, Kit contacted me again.  This time she sent me something:

201311 Machine Quilting Unlimited cover

Yep!  It’s on the cover!

The November/December issue will come out in late October and can be ordered from the Meander Publishing website:

Many quilt stores also carry this magazine, and I’ve also seen it on the magazine racks in stores like Barnes & Noble.

The quilt is currently in Houston and will be displayed in late October at Market and Festival.  For more information, go to

I will be at Festival and am taking classes while I’m there, but will try to stop by the Meander Publishing booth whenever I can. I’ll bring my Sharpie!

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3 Responses to My fifteen minutes

  1. Deborah Levy says:

    Congrats Lorilynn! Enjoy the spotlight, it’s a beautiful piece of work.

  2. Brian says:

    Huzzay!! Congrats Mom!!!

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