A little quilt for a friend

When I started considering my trip to the United Kingdom, I contacted my friend Elise in France.  She and I had worked together for several years (via conference calls) but had never met in person.  We decided to meet up in London, and I decided to give her a little gift.  The weekend before we left, I grabbed a fat quarter of leftover hand dyed fabric, and stitched out a bunch of the designs that I had digitized for my “Pocket Full of Paisleys” quilt:


It was fun to stitch these out in more than just one color!  It took a day to stitch them out, and another day to do the quilting.

At some point during this whole process I was thinking about Elise and I discussing how she and some of her friends were having a girls’ weekend at the beach and they were going to drink real champagne, and I had asked her if she’d ever had a mimosa.  To me, these embroidered flowers look sort of like cross sections of citrus fruits, especially in these colors…. so, I quilted “bubbles” coming up from the garden and embellished them with leftover bling that I used on the flowers. Hence, the name of this quilt is “Mimosa”.

For the rest of the quilting I decided to mimic the PFOP quilt by having a “light source” in the upper left corner (that term was used by a judge at one of the shows that I sent PFOP to).  I divided up the space in the background with flowing rays coming out from the corner design, and then used different background techniques between each set of rays.

I attached the binding just prior to leaving on the trip, and whenever we had a long coach ride, I’d pull out the quilt and do the hand sewing on the back.  It was quite a conversation starter!  The timing worked out really well since our stop in London was towards the end of the tour (and therefore I had plenty of time to finish).

Here’s a picture of me and Elise next to the castle at the Tower of London:

P1010956Diana took this photo with Elise’s camera and Elise eventually sent it to me.  I hadn’t realized until then that I had a turquoise jacket and a red shirt, and Elise had a red jacket and a turquoise shirt…. LOL great minds!  The tall building in the background is called “The Shard”.

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One Response to A little quilt for a friend

  1. Gorgeous quilt with a great story too. Thanks for sharing.

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