Okay, I did it.

People have been bugging me for years to start a blog (or at least, update my webpage which is older than OLD dirt).  I promise, I’ll do my best to keep this more up to date than I have managed to do with that webpage that I built while I was waiting for Y2K to crash and burn.  (wow.  almost 15 years ago? Imagine that… no wonder I no longer look like that picture!!)  Okay, so those of you that didn’t know me then…  here is the link.  I’m now about 20 times grayer and a little (okay, more than a little) heavier… but much, MUCH wiser (I hope).  http://www.users.qwest.net/~lsquared/

Of course, it doesn’t help that my provider made it IMPOSSIBLE to update that page.  So, it’s out there for posterity and anybody that wants to look at my older than OLD dirt stuff can go there.

I also have an old (i.e. newer than OLD dirt but still old) webpage.  Not as much there, mainly because I hated the design and didn’t have time between divorce and kids and job to do much with it.  But there’s an old picture of me (a little grayer than before) and a couple more quilts and such….  http://home.comcast.net/~lsquaredking/wsb/html/view.cgi-home.html-.html

I have a few things on Facebook that I’ll try to put over here just so that those of you that do NOT want to fight with FB can still see what I’ve been up to in the last two or three years.

I’m sure some of you are asking… so, Lori, why did you finally take the plunge into blogging?  Well, in a few months some of my art is going to be published in a magazine, and I thought that now would be a good time to get this started, so that (a) they will be able to publish the link to my blog in the article and (b) I will have a couple of months to actually put something IN the blog so that when the article comes out in (I think) November, it will actually look like I’ve accomplished something!

It’s amazing what happens when I get three weeks off from the job (which can be very stressful but DOES support my fabric habit).  I take two weeks, go off to Europe with my teenaged daughter, and then spend a week recuperating.  Today is day 4 of recuperation.  I spent day 3 with my husband hiking in the Colorado mountains.  We’re both very sore, so I’m confined to the Lazy-Boy (which is where I sit for my telecommuting IT job) but I am NOT going to log in to my work computer….

Happy Friday everyone!

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